Singye Stone & Sand Factory, Bjemina is one of the Production Units of Singye Group of Companies Private Limited. This Singye Stone & Sand Factory was founded in 1987 by Hon’ble Yab Late Dasho Ugyen Dorji. Initially it was started with the small capacity crusher plant of 30Tph and over the period of 3 decades, the company is now doing with 320 Tph.
Today, Singye Stone & Sand Factory stands at No 1 position among the crusher industries in the region and serving to its customers to their entire satisfaction. It has gained the popularity of its products not mean through monopoly or in the business for decades but it’s because: Quality products, Reliability & commitment, Best customer care service, Back-up service

Company Location

Company Details

  • Location: Thimphu, Bjemina
  • Activity Details: Mining
  • Owner: Singye Group of Companies Private Limited
  • Contact Person: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: +975-17141316
Name Rate Picture
40/50 mm stone aggregate Nu.18.61 per cft 40/50 mm stone aggregate maps
20 mm stone aggregate Nu.20.11 per cft including Royalty 20 mm stone aggregate maps
10 mm stone aggregate Nu.19.61 per cft 10 mm stone aggregate maps
Crusher dust/Sand Nu.14.11 per cft Crusher dust/Sand maps
6mm Stone Chips Nu.27.61per cft 6mm Stone Chips maps
GSBC Nu.24.39 per cft GSBC maps
WMM Nu.25.07 per cft WMM maps