Lt Dasho Ugyen Dorji (Yab) is a descendant of both the mind and speech incarnations of Bhutan’s founder, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. He was born to Dangla Trulku Sangay Tenzin and Ashi Dorji Om in the year 1925 at Kungacholing in Paro.

Yab Ugyen Dorji Lived through the reigns of four Kings of Bhutan and has contributed enormously to the development of Bhutan especially in the private sector and preservation and conservation of our unique culture and tradition.

Dasho was one of the first businessmen, when the country moved towards the path of modernization. In his early 20’s Yab Dasho Ugyen Dorji started and ventured into trading with Tibet; buying from India and Bangladesh and selling to Tibet. In 1960’s started small scale construction works, then ventured into being a merchant of timber, starting sawmill and setting up of engineering workshops and then venture into the large scale shops and wholesale business.

Yab Ugyen Dorji laid the core foundation of Singye Group of Company and it is because of his hard work, relentless effort that the Singye Group of Companies was built and has progressed steadily over the many decades.

Yab Dasho Ugen Dorji was a man who was ahead of his time and a pioneer among entrepreneurs and his role in the historic contribution to the birth and development of business in Bhutan.

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